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10GbE at Gigabit Pricing

The Arista 7050TX switches offer triple speed switching of 100Mbps/1GbE/10GbE and backwards compatibility with installed Ethernet cabling and standard RJ-45 connectors. The 7050TX is the ideal switch for:

  • Offering the most cost-effective media interfaces (copper)
  • Leveraging existing cable plants, reducing installation and wiring costs
  • Lower energy costs due to more efficient power and cooling, for greater TCO

The 7050TX 1RU systems combine up to 48 10GBASE-T interfaces with a flexible choice of 10/40GbE uplinks offering variable subscription ratios including 1:1. The wide range of models allows for simple migration from 1G to 10G, reusing existing cabling and either top of rack or end of row based on the requirements.

For higher host density requirements the 7050TX-128 offers a full 96 10GBASE-T interfaces supporting 100M/1G/10G rates and 8 40GbE QSFP+ interfaces in a compact 2RU footprint.

The increased performance, features and density ensures two-tier designs based on MLAG and ECMP that are scalable, power efficient and proven EOS reliability.

Arista 7050SX Switches Model Comparison







Total 10GBASE-T Ports

48 48 48  96 

Total QSFP+ Ports

4 4 -  -

Total MXP Ports

- - 2 4

Max 10GbE Interfaces


64 72 96  96 

Max 40GbE Interfaces

4 4 6 12  8


  3.1µs 3.1µs 3.1µs 3.1µs  3.1µs

Typical Power Draw

305W 315W 349W  355W 507W 


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