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7280E Series

Performance without Compromise: Deep Buffers, 100GbE and Scalable VXLAN in a 1RU

The Arista 7280E Series extends the Arista 1RU product portfolio, providing a combination of deep buffers and the industry’s first 100GbE Top of Rack switch combined with extensive features such as VXLAN and LANZ. The 7280E are built for storage networks, content delivery networks, and lossless spline/leaf datacenter designs.

Featured Video: Arista 7280E Series Video Datasheet

Arista 7280E Advantages:

  • Improve performance of bandwidth intensive applications found in High Performance Storage or streaming video
  • Ultra deep buffers and VOQ for lossless performance in demanding environments where congestion and large flows are present - as in Big Data environments or Media and Entertainment
  • Wirespeed VXLAN expanding next generation virtualized datacenters
  • Integrated SSD storage allows for unique extensibility abilities, traffic monitoring and Software Defined Networking applications
  • Hardware assisted Precision Time Protocol (PTP) enables accurate timing solutions across Ethernet based networks without costly investments in deploying separate timing networks

Open Solutions using 100GbE

  • Choices of 100GbE interface increases deployment flexibility
  • MXP 100GbE ports offers range of 10/40/100GbE in a single port up to 400m over OM4 fiber
  • Hot-swap QSFP100 ports for ease of plug and play and simple migration from 40G to 100G
  • Full range of standards based 100GbE cables and optics from 3m up to 10km

Unparalleled Performance with Ultra Deep Buffers and VOQ

  • Ultra deep 9GB of packet buffers enables lossless traffic flows for storage networks
  • Solves 10GbE and 40GbE speed mismatches in High Performance Computing and Oil and Gas Exploration Systems due to TCP incast
  • High performance solution for top of rack at 10/40/100GbE
  • Virtual Output Queue (VOQ) that eliminates head of line blocking and virtually eliminates packet drops due to network congestion

Integrated SSD for Extensibility and Traffic Analysis

  • Install EOS extensions and tools locally using high capacity SSD
  • Use local storage to host network services at the rack inside EOS or without extra equipment in remote datacenters
  • Locally capture mirror, LANZ or sFlow data for analysis
  • Provide long-term, power loss safe historical data on switches for enhanced monitoring in any environment

Datacenter Optimized

  • 1 rack unit (RU) for up to 72 ports of 10GbE
  • Front to rear and reversible airflow for flexible installation
  • High availability and simple provisioning
  • MXP ports with support for 10GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE in one interface
  • Tool-less rack rails

Arista EOS™

  • Extensible operating system customizable to customer needs
  • Fine-grain modular protected memory architecture
  • Access to Linux tools
  • In-service-software-upgrades (ISSU)
  • Self-healing stateful fault repair (SFR)

Rich Feature Sets and Open Programmability

  • Comprehensive switching and routing feature set
  • Full featured IPv4 / IPv6, ACLs, and QoS
  • VXLAN and 128-way multi-pathing
  • DANZ for traffic analysis
  • Open eAPI and native OpenStack/ VMware Orchestration


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