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Application switches

Arista Application Switch: The World's First Programmable Data Plane

The Arista 7124FX provides 24-ports of wirespeed and ultra-low latency 10Gb Ethernet using the flexible SFP+ package, 8 of those ports route through a dedicated and fully-programmable FPGA where customers can load their own custom applications. The FPGA supports 160Gbps of throughput and offers over 6 million programmable logic gates to run high-performance and mission-critical applications in the network.

            Arista 7124FX

The Arista 7124FX is most commonly used in financial applications where you want the application to be as close as possible to the data source or inline with the data stream. This enables increased competitive advantage when coupled with the deterministic and ultra-low latency forwarding path. Other applications include financial services exchanges, government, defense, and the high performance computing world.

Arista Application Switch Overview


  • 24 1/10GbE ports in 1RU
  • 480 Gbps/360Mpps
  • Wire speed L2/3/4 forwarding
  • Sub-500 nanosecond latency
  • Low latency and jitter at for all packets sizes and traffic types
  • Dynamic buffer allocation

Embedded Application Switch Subsystem

  • FPGA subsystem for custom embedded applications
  • Dedicated memory and PCIe connectivity
  • Natively integrated with EOS instrumentation and operations
  • Create your own apps, or install 3rd party apps
  • Additional Features

    • Built in 50Gb SSD for advanced logging, data captures and application support
    • Advanced Provisioning & Monitoring Capabilities with tools such as Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), Latency Analyzer (LANZ), and VMTracer
    • Arista EOS: single binary image for all products, access to Linux tools, extensible platform

    The proven ultra low latency solution of the 7124FX provides deterministic latency even under load for processing critical traffic, while also being able to run multiple applications concurrently.


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