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Arista 7500 Series Technical Architecture

The Arista 7500E Series is designed with the latest in switching silicon and software.

The unique fabric and deep buffer virtual output queue (VOQ) architecture eliminates head-of-line (HOL) blocking and virtually eliminates packet drops even in the most congested network scenarios. The Arista 7500 can handle the most demanding data center requirements with ease, including mixed traffic loads of real-time, multicast, and storage traffic.

Designed for continuous operations with system wide monitoring of hardware and software components, simple serviceability and provisioning to prevent single points of failure.

The hardware architecture supports high-availability with hot-swap of all components with redundant supervisors, power supplies, fabric and cooling modules.

High Performance 10/40/100Gb Ethernet Spine

  • Non-blocking 1,152x 10Gb, 288x 40Gb, and 96x 100Gb Ethernet Ports
  • 3.84Tb of capacity for each linecard slot - over 30Tbps Total
  • Consistent low latency - under 4usec
  • Ultra deep buffers - 144GB per system
  • Aggregate 14.4 Billion PPS of L2/L3 forwarding
  • Data Center optimized with front to back airflow and power/grid redundancy

High Availability

  • Redundant Supervisor, Fabric, Fans
  • In Service Software Upgrades
  • Self-healing stateful fault repair
  • Stateful Supervisor Switchover

High Performance Fabric Modules

  • 100% efficient utilization of fabric capacity at all packet sizes
  • 30Tbps Fabric
  • N+1 redundancy to ensure no loss of performance


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