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Andy Bechtolsheim and Jayshree Ullal discuss Arista Networks and Cloud Computing


Arista 7500 Series Scalable Cloud Networks

The 7500E Series modules enable highly scalable two-tier network designs with MLAG, ECMP and VXLAN technologies.


Flat Layer-2 MLAG Spine - All Active Multipathing

  • Standards based protocols (LACP)
  • Eliminates Spanning Tree from the topology
  • Simple to understand and easy to deploy

ECMP - All Active Multipath for Layer 3

  • Standards based protocols (OSPF, IS-IS, BGP)
  • Eliminates L2 for exceptional scalability and fault tolerance
  • Exceptional scale with consistent performance in 2 tiers

VXLAN - Layer 2 over Layer 3 - Best of both worlds

  • Active multipath using ECMP (up to 64-way)
  • Single L3 network for all applications
  • L2 extensions for stateful VM - VM over Layer 3
  • Extends L2 with exceptional scalability (16 million virtual networks)
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